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Human Resources Management Authority establishes cooperation with High School ‘Vaso Aligrudić’ from Podgorica

Published date: 16.05.2020 22:15 | Author: UzK

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Head of the Human Resources Management Authority, HRMA, Svetlana Vuković, held a meeting with Veselin Pićurić, Director of the electro-technical high school ‘Vaso Aligrudić’ with the aim of establishing cooperation, that is, setting up of the Moodle platform. The electro-technical high school has been implementing activities via Moodle platform for several years already. A great deal of students and teachers are using the platform for grading and learning, so experts from the school will be providing expertise to the Human Resources Management Authority, which means civil servants and state employees will be able to use it.

The meeting attendees were Nikola Kojović, an associate in the electro-technical high school ‘Vaso Aligrudić’, Jadranka Đurković, Deputy Director in the Human Resources Management Authority and Miroljub Pavličić, Independent Advisor in the Human Resources Management Authority.