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PRESENTATION: “Finland's Education System – Experience” - 19.06.2019.

Published date: 20.06.2019 13:34 | Author: UZK

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Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and Human Resources Management Authority organized the presentation on the topic “Finland’s Education System – Experience” on 19 June 2019.

Ms Riita Paalanen, the coordinator in the Twinning Project “Support to Human Resources Management in public sector” (IPA funded project), presented the education system in Finland.

The twinning project is being implemented in the Human Resources Management Authority, HRMA, with the aim of strengthening capacities for planning and managing the recruitment process, strategic planning, managing the process of professional development and training of civil servants and state employees, establishing standards for human resources management in public sector and strengthening capacities of the Administrative Inspection Service.


Ms Paalanen elaborated on the structure of Finland's education system, the organization of courses and training that follows formal education. Every person has the right to free primary education. The education system in Finland has been developed in partnership with parents and children, i.e. students and numerous institutions – state bodies and local government, association of teachers, social partners, investigative institutions and other interested parties. Moreover, the Finnish education system has no obstacles. In case someone opts for vocational education, the academic one is also enabled. Another specificity of the Finnish education system is the focus on learning and support instead on testing. Teachers are highly qualified for performing tasks in schools. They usually need to have a Master’s degree. They believe in the education equality, individual support, strengthening the learner’s cognitive abilities, self-esteem and tolerance.


Prof. Dr. Mladen Perazić, Director of the Education and Quality Sector within the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, delivered the introductory speech and spoke about the topic itself as Finnish students have been achieving extraordinary results in PISA testing for years. Education in Finland is free of charge at all levels. Due to its success, there’s an increased need for Finnish expertise in Europe. However, we cannot get the Finnish system by copying it, but we need good teachers and better work conditions.

In addition, Ms Sonja Vojinović, Chief Officer in the Department for Analysis, Planning and Development of Professional Training and Development, pointed out that the event represented one of the numerous events that the two institutions have been implementing, adding that after more than 10 years of implementing different programs for professional training, the HRMA is gradually turning to the programs of informal education. It’s about programs intended for different target groups, such as integrity managers, human resources managers, as well as those dealing with the strategic planning.