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Workshop ‘Financing Projects/Programs of Non-Governmental Organizations from the State Budget’, 07 May 2019, Hilton Hotel

Published date: 07.05.2019 07:40 | Author: UZK

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The Human Resources Management Authority, Ministry of Public Administration and the Team of the Delegation to the European Union on the project “Technical Assistance for the Development of Institutional Mechanisms for the Cooperation between the Government and NGO Sector in Montenegro” organize Workshop named “Financing Projects/Programs of Non-Governmental Organizations from the State Budget’, which will take place on 7 May 2019 at 8 a.m. in Hilton Hotel, Podgorica.
The main goals of the workshop are to provide detailed overview of normative solutions arising from the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations and related secondary legislation, boost knowledge and skills of civil servants in terms of programing priorities for financing projects and programs of NGO, improve the quality of sector analyses as well as consultations with NGO on priorities for financing, improve the quality of public notices and present the standards of monitoring and reporting on the project implementation.
This Workshop is going to contribute to better understanding of the overall process and efficient implementation of the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations.
Marija Janković and Aleksandra Crvenica will be the trainers, while Ana Zečević of the Human Resources Management Authority is responsible for coordinating the event and you may contact her on her cell phone: 020/201-055; or e-mail: