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Jovana Nišavić LLM
 – Acting Director

Jovana Nišavić was born in 1985 in the town of Bijelo Polje. She completed her elementary and secondary school in Montenegro’s main city, Podgorica.

Ms Nišavić graduated from the University of Montenegro’s Law Faculty with the average result 9.29. She completed her master’s degree at the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies (FDES) in Podgorica, Montenegro.

As for her work experience, she started work back in 2009 as an intern possessing VII1 level of qualifications in the National Police and was performing tasks related to personnel issues until 2010. After that, she was appointed as an independent advisor in the Department for Human Resources Management, Planning and Development of the police.

She then started to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, the Bureau for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, starting her career as an administrative inspector.

From 2017 to February 2021 (i.e. her appointment as the Human Resources Management Director’s Acting Director), she was working as an Administrative Inspector I in the Administrative Inspection Department.

She gained vast experience through the engagement in the Commission for Professional Examination for Performing Security Tasks in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Commission for Professional Examination for Working in State Bodies (III or IV level of qualifications) and as a lecturer for training courses organized by the Human Resources Management Authority.

In her work, Ms Nišavić upkeeps professionalism, responsibility, ethics, transparency, openness, respect for diversity and tolerance.