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Training and development of Civil Servants and State Employees


Professional training and development of staff represent a key link in the area of the human resources management and the system function of authorities for human resources management. This role, according to the nature of the work, belongs to the Sector for Training and Development of Human Resources, an organizational unit of the Human Resources Management Authority, which has from it's beginnings patiently built a system of continuous professional training and development. It  has changed the practice so far, from training in an ad hoc way, which was unbalanced and uneven, to peremanent training based on real needs of the administration. The work in the Department is more oriented towards a strategic approach, which the analysis of strategic documents, laws and other regulations, delivered trainings, workshops and seminars, as well as other forms of education, providing feedback that is crucial for creating the content of Training Program. After many years of realization of  various programs of professional training and development of civil servants and state employees, the Human Resources Management body HRMA is increasingly turning to non-formal adult education programs, because they ensured the introduction of a quality system and provides the possibility of evaluating the implementation of the program.

The skills necessary to achieve a good performance can be learned and applied in everyday work and practice. An excellent way to improve the skills of each individual is training course or training. The ultimate goal of each training is: to acquire or improve professional skills, to gain basic and advance knowledge and experience, to find out which are the tools that can stimulate innovation, to learn how acquire knowledge of employees can be used for specific tasks and actions. Training helps the authorities to make employees competent to perform their day-to-day work tasks. Training is accessed systemically because it involves several phases, which are individually important for achieving the goals of professional training and development. Also, the training itself includes a range of activities, before and after the realization of the same, so it is treated rightly as a process, not as an event.

Dear colleagues, civil servants, state and local employees, we invite you, through various programs, to take part in the process of professional training and development. Do not allow training to be just the event you attended. Ensure the continuous application of the learned in the work environment. By refining and educating, invest in yourself and the institution in which you are employed because it is the most rapidly returning investment and it's effects on future business results are the greatest.

We are here to provide you support.


Sector for Training and Development of Human Resources